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Jake (Stephen Girouard) and his wife (Heidi Duncan), returning home from the grocery store, greet their "new" neighbor (James Price) across the hall as he is also arriving home. They feel guilty. He moved in a year ago and they have yet to introduce themselves. Their home cooked dinner plans are held up when the misses realizes they forgot to get olive oil. Jake bounds across the hall to formerly introduce himself and see about some oil. Neighbor Don is quite offended and proceeds to lecture the bewildered Jake on the subject of being neighborly. You might swear you were watching Don Corleone confront that funeral director on the subject of respect. What will Jake do? What will this olive oil really cost? And why does this film also remind me of the scene from the Godfather where The Don meets his death in the garden? All these questions and more will be answered in this comedy short THE NEIGHBORLY

Written and directed by actor & filmmaker Stephen Girouard
New York City, 2009

OIP (1).jpeg
Soho International Film Festival
Official Selection
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